Chavin 是一個設計師品牌,主要銷售婚紗及禮服,除銷售產品外還有租借服務 ,高級量身訂制和影視美術,造型設計服務等。所有產品均由服裝設計師Chantelle Cheang 所設計,作品多以高雅及復古的風格為主,並注入現代思維的元素,呈現出優雅的感覺而又不失味道,品牌亦很著重突出女性線條為主作為設計方向。Chavin 強調提供高質量的產品,以少勝多,所以我們設立了自家製作版房,整條生產線由採購,打版,裁縫,繡花,手工,測試等都是由Chavin 的版房負責出品,以嚴格控制質量,令每件產品都能以最好的狀態去供客人選購。Chantelle Cheang ,為Chavin 的主要設計師,學生時期曾多次嬴得設計獎項並獲到亞洲不同地區作設計交換生,從2013年起開始每年都會與澳門政府文化局合作進行關於推廣服裝的計劃。除此之外,她更多次擔任電影美術及服裝等工作,並在2014年創立Chavin 品牌。

As a designer brand, Chavin provides a variety of wedding dresses and evening gowns for rental or purchase. In addition, they also offer advanced tailoring and costume making services for film, TV and events. All products are designed by the fashion designer Chantelle Cheang. The elegant designs are characterized by the antique, vintage and retro styles. Imbues with the modern and stylish concepts, the designs reflect a sense of elegance and uniqueness. Moreover, the design philosophy aims to present and highlight the feminine feature in every collection. In addition, Chavin emphasizes quality over quantity. In order to win from a position of weakness and produce quality products to the customers, we have set up an in-house manufacturing team. The processes of stock procuring, tailoring, patching, mending and testing are completed throughout the entire production line. As every product is subject to strict quality control, we are proud to offer the best and highest quality products to our customers. Biography: Chantelle Cheang is the fashion designer of Chavin. During her college years, she had won many design awards and attended several exchange programs in different Asian countries. She has been working for The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao on the promotion of fashion design since 2013. Also, she has been working as a costume, production and art designer for many years. She established the brand Chavin in 2014.