“Chavin” 是一間設計師品牌禮服及婚紗店,主打高級量身訂制以及租借服務,所有產品均由本地資深時裝設計師兼電影美術Chantelle.C 設計,她曾獲得澳門以及外地多次獎項以及獲獎經驗,Chavin 更設有自家板房以及生產線,所有產品均為小量生產,每一件都盡顯獨特,由選料至縫紉到後期釘珠排花,所有過程都由資深的專業人員製作,以嚴格控制品質。

“Chavin” is a designer brand dress and bridal salon, the main senior tailor-made and rental services, all products by the local senior fashion designer and film art Chantelle.C design, she has received several awards in Macau and the field As well as award-winning experience, Chavin has its own room and production line, all products are small production, each one is unique, from the election material to the sewing to the late bead row of flowers, all the process by the senior professionals Production, in order to strictly control the quality.